A Date With Density, Part 5

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Happy Birthday, Captain!

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Izzy and Tom are talking. It’s a comfortable situation, where Tom is leaning in to talk to her, hands hung between his legs, and Izzy is unconsciously mirroring his body language. Izzy is still a little upset, but Tom is making her feel better.

IZZY: How did you know something would go wrong?

TOM: Tanner self-sabotages everything. He only likes Ann because she hates him.

IZZY: So why are you telling me this?

TOM: Because Karla likes you a lot just from one luncheon, and you seem like a cool person. I don’t know enough cool people…. And my wife needs a girl friend to do girl stuff with.

TOM: So I’d really hate it if one awkward experience drove you away.

IZZY: I like that. I mean, I like the idea of new friends, but…

TOM (earnestly, welcoming her): Look. Forget this whole “date” thing ever happened. We’ll all go out to see Slither together, and you can play in our roleplaying game. We’ll see where it goes from there.

IZZY: Great. So I’m auditioning for your group of friends.

TOM (looking off to one side knowingly as Karla enters the room, stage right, guiding Izzy’s eyes over): Actually, after what they did, they’ll audition for you.

KARLA (staggering in with a ludicrously large thing of roses, so big it nearly doesn’t fit through the door, with a huge “I’M SORRY” card attached to it): Tanner sent this bouquet of roses, and I just happened to buy you this case of Kahlua …

Ferrett Says

For those of you who are still paying attention to the creative process, you can thank Roni for the rest of this series. Originally, this ended with a modified version of yesterday’s strip, where Tom apologized to Izzy and things moved apace.

“But what happens with Izzy and Tanner?” Roni asked. “It feels unsettled.”

And by God, she’s right. Now, admittedly, at that point I was still firmly in “Big Joke” mode (as opposed to “Big Story”), but Roni was the one who said that we needed to bring this strip to a more dynamic conclusion… And she’s right. So this strip deals with how Tom handles it, and next week we’ll see what happens when Izzy and Tanner next week…

…And then Roni gets married.

Yeah, that’s gonna be a kick to the teeth for the strip, since it’s a lot of work and Roni wants to, you know, not be bugged on her honeymoon. I can’t say I blame her, so the week after that is gonna be sketches of Tom and Karla’s wedding, and then some really easy-to-draw strips.

After that, there’s one phrase that is said in this very strip which leads to our next month-long storyline, entitled Gotterdammerűng, which throws almost existing character into a no-holds-barred pitmatch to the death. Okay, not really, but you’d be surprised how much upheaval a single wayward sentence here is going to cause.

But you’re gonna have to wait. Because I do. Dammit, I’m the biggest fanboy of Roni’s art, and isn’t it great that I get to see it first?

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