A Date With Density, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tannerís looking hopeful as Izzy and he continue their conversation.

TANNER: So you donít hate me after our bad date.

IZZY: Youíre funny, and clumsy, and kind of sweet. But you also long for women you canít have. Iíll bet you twenty bucks that youíve been thinking about me more since Iíve left than you ever did on our date.

TANNER (admitting sheís right): Yeah, butÖ I didnít call you. I figured you never wanted to talk to me againÖ.

IZZY: And that is the only reason Iím here now. Otherwise, youíd be just some stalker. *sighs* I could make you want me by walking away, butÖ I want someone who wants me. So hereís how itís going to be:

IZZY (taking his hand in friendship): Friday was our first and last date. We are now friends. Iíll give you romantic advice, and youíll show me that Omega Man tape you promised me. But there will be no romance. Are we clear?

TANNER (grateful, hangdog): Yeah.

(A long pause. The more Iíve thought about it, the more it really needs to be a full panel.)

TANNER (casually, without a whit of desperation, asking as if heís closing the final question in a business deal): But can we sleep together occasionally?

IZZY (enthused): Absolutely!

Ferrett Says

So endeth the first major storyline of Home on the Strange, and the first ending chapter of The Great Soap Opera experiment. It doesn’t get much more soap operaish than this, folks… But it is true to life.

Okay. True to my life.

Friday will bring a different update – if I were the self-promoting type, I’d be saying, “A strip the likes of which you’ve never seen!” but frankly, even if you’d never seen its like, I doubt that you’d be clamoring for more of it. But it’s the last comic before Roni’s wedding, so everyone wish her a happy wedding now before she vanishes on her honeymoon!

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