Roni's Happy Wedding Strip

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To Roni and James -

All the best, you guys. All the damn best. Now relax, Roni!
Warm wishes,

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The Original Script!

Ferrett Says

The Jewish Seder asks this question: “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Whereas Home on the Strange asks:

“Why is this comic different from all other comics?”

The answer is simple: Roni needed to have a good honeymoon. I came up with a good, sweet script to celebrate her wedding (and to even work in Roni and her husband-to-be James as a part of HotS canon)… But as the wedding drew nearer, we realized what a pain in the ass it would be to draw such a strip.

“Ease of use” is a significant problem when you’re writing for someone else, and it is only via painful trial-and-error that we have discovered what’s easy to draw. It breaks down something like this:

We figured out that if we actually had Roni draw this comic, which features a really complex background, a lot of people she actually knows, and the added pressure of having them match their real-life counterparts, this would take as long to draw as Doctor Hell, which took three weeks.

Not so much with the good. So we decided upon an alternate solution to ease Roni’s woes, so she could jet off without a care in the world. Today’s a unique solution, and next week will be sketches, and the week after that will be “It was easy to draw” week, which should be boffo. (Some of the best gags are trivial to draw, strangely.)

But for now, Roni… Happy wedding, you. And everyone here? Wish the bride and groom well, wouldja?

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