Flashbacks From A Wedding, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

SKETCH #1 (since it should come first):


“Tom meets Karla’s parents for the first time.”


Tom and Karla are at Karla’s mother’s house as Karla’s mom serves tea. They are very small in the frame, with a wall that goes absurdly, comedically, exagerratedly high for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. Tom is dressed in a suit but still has spikes in his hair and is much thinner than he used to be, and is sitting in an overstuffed chair. Karla is seated next to him, smiling pleasantly as if nothing is unusual at all - but Tom is terrified, sinking back into the chair, looking up with wide eyes at the horror around him. Karla’s mom is smiling and obviously making conversation as she brings him a tray with a teapot and cups on it.

Why is Tom terrified? Well, if you remember those cartoons where there’s the big game hunter, he’s always in a den where there are hundreds of animal heads on the walls, each peering out in some larger-than-life way. Karla’s mom does NOT have animal heads on her wall, but instead she has crosses. And crucifixes. As many as you can draw, but the wall should be teeming with Xs and crosses and bleeding Jesuses to the point where it’s hard to see the actual wall. (Only a few need be drawn well, may I add. The rest can be scribbles or pastes.) This should be so overblown that NOBODY YOU KNOW LIVES LIKE THIS.

Tom is terrified because this is fucking creepy, and yet neither Karla nor her mother seem aware of it. To them, this is just normal life. With a thousand crosses of various sizes hung on the wall.

Ferrett Says

Roni's away on her honeymoon this week, so rather than having no content for her Big Week Off, we figured we'd do a flashback to show you some vague hints of the Tom and Karla backstory.

There's actually quite a bit involved in how Tom and Karla met, how they got married, and how they came to be happily married… But like the rest of the stuff we'd like to tell you, we're going to have to pour the ocean out to you through the very small straw of one strip at a time. So enjoy the silent montages for the next week!

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