Flashbacks From A Wedding, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Alas, the script for this has been lost to the ages. Whatcha gonna do?

Ferrett Says

The sketches continue this week, as Roni is, inexplicably, still on her honeymoon. Which lasts a whole week. Can you believe the unmitigated gall of wanting a whole week off for your honeymoon?

Next thing you know, we’ll be soliciting guest strips.

In any case, today’s sketch shows off something we’ll be exploring in much greater detail come the end of the year – and yes, we have a rough Year One planned, and a decent Year Two and Three should we get that far – namely, the fact that Tom used to be a punk rocker. Oh, he’s pudgy now and has that wild mane, but in his day he used to be a whip-thin, angry screamer for his band Program…. And that fact colors a lot of what you see these days. But since we started long after those days were dead and buried, you just know him as Tom, Balding House Husband.

But back in the day? He was a showman, man, and just getting married in a traditional ceremony would be way too much. Hence, the special duds.

One of the things I find intriguing about any character is how their past affects their present. Tom and Karla have a clear past, which we’ll delve into further with an end-of-year-one flashback. But until then, remember that Tom’s not just some ordinary guy.

He’s washed up. And some days, he’s not sure which one would have been better.

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