Flashbacks From A Wedding, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!

CAPTION: Tom and Karla’s wedding dance.


This one may be a bit complex, so you may want to render it down into its core elements: Tom and Karla dancing, looking at each other adoringly… Or, rather, they were looking at each other adorably just a moment ago. They are still looking into each others’ eyes, but Tom is wide-eyed with surprise, stifling a giggle, a top hat dangling off of one of his spikes…. Whereas Karla is looking distinctly mischievous. The reason? If you follow her hand, she’s squeezing his butt. In the background, Karla’s mother is fainting. Again.

If you feel like adding detail, in the background are NOT other, normal wedding couples, but instead are Tanner and a bunch of punk girls/guys slamdancing. Yes, Tom and Karla are slow-dancing while the rest of the party is pogoing wildly in place; this is a metaphor for their relationships with their friends as a whole. *g* If you do this, please be sure to include Tanner slamdancing with Joey Cuts, a lean, muscular man with craggy-yet-handsome features, a big nose, and long blonde hair that goes down to his ass. Joey Cuts is shirtless, and has absolutely ripped abs – hence his name.

Are those okay?

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