The Jury's Still Out On Martin

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Read Jordan

Tom and Karla are talking somewhere that is sufficiently easy to draw. Karla is holding a big thick book – specifically, Eye of the World in hardback.


TOM: So whatcha reading?

KARLA: Eye of the World. Seth told me I should read it.

TOM: You realize that friends don't let friends read Jordan, right?


KARLA: Why? Is it bad?

TOM (holding up a finger): No – it’s great at first. Compelling characters, a brisk plot, a lot of good mysteries. It starts out so strong, you think it’s going somewhere big.

(Exact same panel.)

TOM: But then, with each book, he starts adding more people, and the pace begins to drag.

(Exact same panel.)

TOM: As each book gets longer, less actually happens. Eventually….

(Exact same panel.)

TOM: …by around Book Seven….

PANELS 6 and 7
(Exact same panel, except MAYBE Karla rolls her eyes.)

(Same panel)

KARLA: Were you planning on finishing that sentence?

TOM: Give me five years. I promise I’ll be done by then.

Ferrett Says

I should add, based on the database error on Monday's strip, where my comments were in Roni's space, what Roni says below is pure Roni. And she's frickin' hard core, man.

That said, this strip is an exercise in pure self-amusement, wherein I know that some people won't get the joke. That's fine. Share and enjoy Roni's amazing skillz.

Roni Says:

You sharp-eyed readers may notice something a little different today.

This strip was drawn somewhere flying over the East Coast. An airline, which shall remain nameless, had a three hour late flight from Cancun Airport to Miami, causing us to miss the last connecting flight to Boston. They were kind enough to put us on an afternoon flight since the morning flight was booked, arrange a hotel room, and issue us a combined $30 worth of food vouchers for two people to eat both dinner and breakfast.

This comic was made possible by the Miami Airport Marriott being well-stocked with stationary and black ballpoint pens. This is particularly fortunate since the new flight was still forty-five minutes late. It took a grand total of three buses, a car, two planes, and thirty hours to get us home.

Now, if you will forgive me, I will go pass out.

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