Toys In The Attic, Track 5

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For Schaefer, We will never have enough room for both of our books. But, I think it will be okay... I love you always.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Toys In The Attic, Track 5

Izzy and Karla are talking over lunch, which is the same Tiki-Tiki backdrop you’ve used before. Three cheers for reusability!

Izzy is questioning Karla, a little weirded out by the whole thing, whereas Karla is, well, Karla.

IZZY (disgustipated): So you think Seth is cute?

KARLA (calmly): Well, he’s not the best-looking man… But he’s got some things going for him.

IZZY (knowingly): Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that.

KARLA (hungrily, sexily, affirming everything Izzy’s heard): Mmm-hmm.

KARLA (dreamily, barely looking at Izzy, lost in thought): When I met him, all the girls I knew told me how big it was. I thought they had to be exaggerating – after all, you only saw ones that large in movies. But I asked him about it, and he took me into his room, and…

KARLA (a little shyly, with a girlish giggle, a hand naughtily over her mouth): He showed me.

(There is a breathless moment where Karla’s words hang in the air, letting the moment ride, as Izzy watches in eager anticipation.)

IZZY: So his book collection is that huge.

KARLA (holding out her hands in wonder): Oh my God, you should see his hardbacks!

Ferrett Says

This strip sprung out of a pleasant conversation at Penguicon, where I had a highly entertaining conversation with a woman who claimed she was a size queen – she couldn’t get ‘em big enough. And to be fair, I tend to be intimidated by guys with bigger ones.

So this strip was born. I’d like you all to know that mine used to be huge, but it’s gotten smaller since I married my wife. That is, sadly, the way it usually goes.

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