Passionate Wishes, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Passionate Wishes, Part I

Tom and Tanner are at the coffee shop, discussing stuff in the serious manner in which men discuss cars and computers, seriously considering the matter with weighty concern. Karla is about to walk in at any moment, and it’s apparently that she’s walking in on a conversation that’s been going on for quite some time.

TOM: …And if you get more than one wish, you use your first wish to know how to phrase your remaining wishes perfectly.

TANNER: Well, obviously.

KARLA (a little alarmed): What are you two talking about?

TANNER: We’re planning our wishes.

TOM: If a genie shows up and grants us a wish, we want to be prepared.

KARLA (slightly disgusted by the sheer stupidity of it all): You’ve spent half an hour debating what you’d do in a fictional situation that will never arrive? That’s as stupid as figuring out what superpower you’d want –

TOM (so earnestly it breaks your heart, like a puppy at a shop staring up at her, his word balloon overlapping Karla as he cuts her off, his reply coming out by pure instinct): Super-strength.

TANNER (as earnest as Tom): Pheromone control.

(NOTE: There is the vague question of whether this should be Karla or Izzy stumbling in on this conversation, and I eventually decided it was slightly funnier to have Karla discover something new and silly about her husband. Plus, Karla’s the motherly-type, so the dynamic’s a little more humorous. The case could be made for Izzy the novice being surprised by all of this, however, and if you wanted to change it I wouldn’t kick up a fuss.)

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