Passionate Wishes, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tanner and Tom are still at the coffee shop, talking with that same air… Except this time, Seth is going to walk in in a second.

TANNER: Well, if you wished for money, you’d have to make sure it didn’t come from someone else’s bank account…

TOM: Or you didn’t bankrupt the local economy.

SETH (walking in, standing up): Hey, guys.

(Tom and Tanner both suddenly shrink, looking protective. Stupid as this sounds, it’s their wish design, and they don’t trust Seth all that much, and even though there’s no chance this will ever happen, if it did they had this vague feeling that Seth would somehow get the better of them. Suddenly, it’s turned into a secret, and they unconsciously shrink away from him.)

TOM (not angry, just defensive): What do you want?

SETH (casually pulling up a chair, unfazed by the whole thing): I hear you guys are designing wishes.

SETH (sharklike, a businessman smelling a great deal): I want in.

TOM (possessive): You’re not getting our wishes, Seth. We designed them.

SETH (confidently, launching into a business presentation): The problem is that if you phrase the wish wrong, the genie will interpret it in the worst possible way, right?


SETH: If you two look at your wish phrasings, you’ll find a few errors – but when I look at it, I’ll find more. And the more people we have looking over our work to double-check it….

TOM (slack-jaw astonished, staring away from Seth and at the camera, so amazed he can’t even make eye contact): My God. You’re talking about open-source wishes.

SETH (raising a finger, quoting a famous open-source doctrine, suddenly a wise guru dispensing advice): “Given enough eyes, all bugs become shallow.”

Ferrett Says

Bill Cosby is famed for telling a ten-minute story in one of his routines, then pulling up short at the end of it.

“Now,” he says. “I told you that story to tell you this one.”

I was terrified that people would swarm all over me to point out that Monday’s strip was a variation – and not a particularly original one – on a blog post I made back in November. If anyone noticed, they were too kind to say. But I had to get through that set-up strip so I could get to today’s strip.

You may think that what Seth is discussing in today’s strip is a mere punchline… But you’d be wrong. I’ve been kicking around the ideas of open-source projects for awhile, and so today I am proud to announce perhaps the world’s strangest open-source project. Simply sign up for our forums, and get to critiquing.

Tell your nerdy friends! We need as many people as possible to make these items as bug-free. They have to be bulletproof when Robin Williams arrives.

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