You May Say That I'm A Dreamer

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To Woof, my own conversational stud-magnet
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The Script For Today's Comic!

You May Say That I'm A Dreamer
(6 Panels)

Panel 1:
(Tom and Karla are in bed, snuggling up and chatting as nighttime approaches. Tom is talking. The clock next to the bed says 12:14.)

TOM: "…And then he leaps over the sofa…"

KARLA (affectionately, caressing him): "See, this is why I hate going to bed with you."

Panel 2:
TOM (startled): "Huh?"

KARLA: "You work at home. You can sleep in. I have to be at work at 7:30 tomorrow. And here we are, talking."

Panel 3:
TOM (mildly outraged, even though he's sleepy): "But you — "

KARLA: " — started this discussion, I know. You're a conversational stud-magnet; I can't resist you. If we're in the same room, I'll talk with you until dawn."

Panel 4:
TOM (goofy smile): "That's pretty nice to have, after six years of marriage."

KARLA (Kissing him good night): "Isn't it?"

Panel 5:
(KARLA turns over to sleep. Tom considers.)

Panel 6:
TOM: "Of course, I'd rather you were irresistibly attracted to my body."

Ferrett Says

In this strip, you will witness our first continuity problem: how long have Karla and Tom been married? You’d think that sort of thing would be simple, but no – mister dumbass writer couldn’t make up his mind, providing contradictory dates as to how long they have been together, which we only noticed while looking at the dialogue for two strips. I mean, not that it's necessary to anything we've gotten to yet - the real storytelling starts next week, folks - but considering it's a fairly major fact, you'd think that I could have kept it constant.

The official answer is now, “just under six years.” It has always been six years. And we have always been at war with Oceania.

Those of you here now should probably be wondering, “If he can screw that up, what else can he screw up?” Well, you just wait and see what other sorts of quality comic-writing I can provide. I’m sure next week you’ll be surprised to discover that Karla is a Libyan refugee and Tom is a one-armed paraplegic.

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