The Negotiation

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 1

The Negotiation

Karla and Seth are at Seth’s place; Seth is lounging around, looking sybaritic and comforted while Karla looks a little nervous.

You’ve said in the past that Seth seems a little faggy, and I’ve adjusted the dialogue… But think of him as the evil genius who fights James Bond half the time, always dressed well, obsessed with culture and the finest things, sneering a lot and demanding that everyone buy into whatever he’s selling. He should be masculine, even as he does have that flair that marks him as a little feminine. He’s almost Bond.

SETH: That Kronos Quartet CD you lent me was exquisite, Karla. Their contrapuntal melodies were staggering….

KARLA (with the evasive air of someone who’s dancing around the topic, not looking him in the eye): It was good, yes.

SETH (noticing, leaning in, not particularly seductive): Something’s bothering you. You should come alive when we discuss music.

KARLA: I met someone new.

SETH (intrigued, archly, in a “ha ha” fashion, still not seductive but relaxed… and a little imperious that perhaps she might leave him for someone else.): If you left your husband, I’d hoped it would be for me.

KARLA: No, it’s a girl… friend. You remember Izzy.

SETH: And?

SETH: And, uh, Tom kind of promised her that she could play in Sunday’s roleplaying game.

SETH (pulling himself to a cold height, austere as he laws down a cruel law): I decide who plays in Gotterdammerűng. Not Tom.

KARLA (pleading): But she’s a friend of mine!

SETH (explaining his master plan, not hurt so much as offended that someone he thought understood him so clearly has blown it): Karla, roleplaying is an art. I create worlds, populated with vibrant people and strung with political plots that would rival the great Martin. I will not risk some lump sitting down at my table. What if she’s played…

(Dismissive wave)

Dungeons and Dragons?

KARLA: What if she has?

SETH (disgusted, disdainful): D&D is a virus. Once you’re touched by the +1 sword, you never recover.

Ferrett Says

We're trying something new today - if you click on this link and vote for us, not only will you be helping us out and raising our traffic, but we'll show you the rough sketches for the script, along with some of the behind-the-scenes details. (And starting Wednesday, hopefully we'll run some sketches of comics to come.)

This is the beginning of the Gotterdammerűng – our latest storyline, whereupon we do our best to take the existing characters and shake them all up together so they’re interacting in weird ways, like two angry ferrets trapped in a paint can.

This storyline runs for a month, so we hope to God it works the way we hope it does. That’s part of the fun of having a relatively new comic and experimenting – we can still go for huge, sweeping arcs to see what happens.

As a writer, sometimes it’s frustrating trying to squeeze these characters out through six lines of dialogue dispensed every two days. It’d be a lot easier to do this daily, where I could get more lines in, but I don’t want to, you know, kill Roni.

Speaking of Roni, she hasn’t been posting a lot of “Roni Says” because she’s been busy drawing – but if you want to be one up on me and actually meet up with her, she’ll be making an appearance as a guest at Dexcon 8 in East Brunswick, New Jersey on the weekend of July 13th. It sounds like a truly cool con, and I’d be going myself if my daughter wasn’t in town that month. It has lots of roleplaying – the one thing that Penguicon was missing.

If you’d like to attend DexCon, we do have a special discount available for Home on the Strange readers – just register at the site with the code D9_HOTS$5 to get $5 off your admission. Plus, you can see Roni. And then lord it all over me, because despite six months of collaboration we have yet to physically meet.

Speaking of filthy dirty lucre, I should say a big “Howdy” to our latest advertiser, Flicker Gaming, who have a pretty cool gaming e-zine/blog. Currently, it’s obsessed with E3, but that’s to be expected – you should drop by and visit ‘em. (And then advertise with us!)

Lastly, if you don’t have the infinite lucre to spend money to purchase sponsorships on Home on the Strange – and who does? – then perhaps you should wish for them. And our Open-Source Wishing Project is going swimmingly; I’ve upgraded a couple of the old wishes, and added fan-requested favorites like “Wish For Unlimited Sexual Encounters 1.0” and “Wish For Subjective Time Control 1.0.” Check it out.

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