The Seduction of the Innocent GM

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 2

The Seduction Of The Innocent GM

Karla and Seth are now at a fancy restaurant, a bottle of wine between them. She has dressed up a bit for Seth, who is still in his normal clothes (he was picked up and not expecting this). If possible, this strip should have a different feel to it – you know, like if the normal pace is an American comedy, this is a foreign film that’s a little dramatic, up for an Oscar.

SETH (calm, distant, but a little bit amused – he’s going to let the funny monkey dance for his pleasure): Karla, I know a seduction when I see it.

KARLA (playing the game): But you’re not opposed to me trying.

SETH (toasting to her good nature): Never. But I am not obliged to allow some stranger to be a part of my campaign, Gotterdammerűng, simply because your husband told her she could.

SETH: Tom’s clumsy hack-and-slash roleplaying is bad enough…

KARLA (regretfully): He has baggage, I know.

SETH (grumbling darkly): He ignores my plots, all so he can obstruct your roleplaying! Why you stay with him, I don’t know…

KARLA (leaning forward, eager): …but Izzy is pure.

SETH: How so?

KARLA: She’s read books… But she’s never played. She doesn’t know what roleplaying is. You can teach her.

SETH: A blank slate?

KARLA (eyes aglimmer): Yes.

SETH (losing himself in a world of vision, spreading his hands out): Yes… I can see it… She will be my Galatea. She will be the clay that I will spin my greatest campaign ever upon!

KARLA (sipping her wine contentedly, thinking): The way to a man’s brain is through his ego.

Ferrett Says

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Before anyone panics, I should add that Karla’s “seduction” is accomplished by the end of the strip. Karla’s a faithfully-married woman… Even if her relationship with Seth might be a little weird to some. But remember the main rule of Home on the Strange: Nobody is perfect. (More importantly, nobody is completely worthless, either.)

Speaking of hinky, I mistakenly mentioned the wrong con number when I discussed Roni’s upcoming appearance – it’s Dexcon 9, not Dexcon 8, but still with the same $5 discount for signing up with the code D9_HOTS$5.

Oh – and for those of you who like that whole “behind-the-scenes” stuff, the original version of this script had a much weaker ending – not that this is Gangbusters, mind you, but the "shove the story towards the climax" strips aren't usually going to be Teh Funny. The original ending, however, was so weak as to be completely nonexistent. Thus, as opposed to our usual “Ferrett dialogues, Roni draws” paradigm, I Stan Leed this sucker and dialogued it after Roni drew it. Then again, if you're a behind-the-scenes kinda guy, you definitely want to see the rough sketches, so y'all should be clicking. The rest of you are excused, unless you wanna help us out.

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