The Interview

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 3

The Interview

Seth is interviewing Izzy. And I mean interviewing; he has an office for it, there is a pile of paperwork, and there is a stapler and other assorted office merchandise on the desk. She sits across from him, tremendously cynical about the whole process, as he taps a pile of paper against the blotter, straightening the edges.

SETH: Your paperwork appears to be in order.

IZZY: Yes, I spent hours getting it collated.

SETH: And the interviews went well.

IZZY: Both days of them, yes.

SETH (pulling out another piece of paper, adjusting his glasses as he peers at it): …And you have passed the Level 1 mechanics quiz.

IZZY: Tom helped me.

SETH: Really? I’m surprised you passed, then. Normally, I’d never accept someone without prior references – but in this case, I think Karla’s word is enough…

IZZY: So am I in?

SETH: I can offer you a temporary position on Sundays, starting at 1,000 experience points per session. If this is working out after your trial period of a month, we’ll talk about a permanent place in my campaign.

IZZY (sarcastically, rolling her eyes): Hold on, I have to give two weeks’ notice to my current GM.

Ferrett Says

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Originally, today's strip was going to be a riff on the Da Vinci Code, wherein we'd do a flashback to a twelve-year-old amateur codebreaker Sophie Neveau sitting on the toilet. She discovers there is no paper, calls out to ask her Granpere to bring her some, and creeps out of the bathroom to discover that her grandfather is lying on the ground in the shape of a backwards swastika, wearing a lamppost on his head, having weird symbols written on his arm, and shouting some illegible nonsense about "the roll of man."

"Goddammit, Granpere," she'd mutter, "I'm not doing this again."

The title of said strip would have been the oh-so-clever "The Da Vinci Roll."

Alas, it wasn't a good strip – you not only had to know who Sophie Neveau was, but you had to get the core joke that Sophie's grandfather must have had her leap through the most bizarre hoops as a young child for her to be so blasé about his Russian doll-within-a-doll mysteries come the events of the Da Vinci Code. I kept reworking the last line to try to convey the repeated mind-screws that saintly old Granpere must have put Sophie through, but it never really quite jelled - plus, Roni was understandably squeamish about drawing a twelve-year-old girl on the toilet. And so it fell to the wayside.

Instead, we present to you the latest in Gotterdammerung, wherein we see Izzy's reaction to Seth's campaign. This is, sadly, taken from life – specifically, mine. But I may write more on that later. Or not.

And before anyone asks, yes, the "Level 1 Mechanics" is a tip of the hat to Knights of the Dinner Table. God knows I love 'em.

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