The Act Of Creation

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Gotterdammerűng, Part 4

The Act Of Creation

Izzy is at Seth’s house, exhausted. The entire room is festooned with charts and birth orders, as if this was some sort of war room.

SETH: …and perhaps you were born under a full moon, which would bless you with the powers of the tides.

IZZY: Fine. Whatever.

SETH: Isabella, you need to take this seriously. My campaign hinges upon your decisions!

IZZY (You may want to spread this out over two word bubbles for effect): Seth, we’ve spent three weeks hashing out my barbarian princess’s personality, her childhood, the greatest battles she’s been in, her lineage, her statistics, her hit points, her skills, her favorite foods, her accent, what weapons she’s proficient in, the areas she’s visited, and her Myers-Briggs profile.

SETH (slightly exasperated that this would be an issue, a boss who’s just discovered that his employee is whining about overtime come Christmas): A fully-fleshed character takes time.

IZZY (throwing a tantrum): Look, I just want to kill someone…

SETH: My campaign isn’t like that.

IZZY (growing suddenly threatening to Seth, putting him in real danger): …in real life.

SETH (small, quickly): We’ll start you on Sunday.

Ferrett Says

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On Friday, I admitted the terrible truth: I am Seth. And for those who’ve played with me, this strip confirms it.

Yes, I do interviews. Yes, I do spend way too much time on a character’s back story – and you’d think I’d learn, since my favorite character of all time, a fire-flinging superhero named Thermal in a Champions campaign, was created on the spur of the moment with no backstory and it developed into the richest history I created.

Yet still I persist in the idea that coming up with a rich, deep background will automatically create a rich, deep character… And it’s clearly not true. Sometimes, despite a your best efforts, you just can’t find the heart of a character. You play, you say the words, but you never manage to find a soul for him. And I guess that’s like writing, except with writing you can usually squeeze something out of it. In roleplaying, since you leave nothing behind except for fond memories, playing a character who does not create any isn’t the brightest move.

Alas. I love to roleplay. And yet I am Seth, with all of his pros and cons. But whatcha gonna do?

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