The Investigation

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 5

The Investigation

Seth and Karla are hunched over the kitchen table, papers and charts and a laptop spread out among them. Basically, you know that scene in the movie where the heroes plan a raid on the bank to see what the best approach is? That’s the mood we’re looking for here.

SETH (looking at a piece of paper with a bar chart on it): The affinity graphs show that she has a preference for strong men…

KARLA (typing on the laptop): …Yet her power profile suggests that she resists control.

SETH (putting his head in his hands, despairing): I don’t know, Karla. We’ve been analyzing Izzy’s profile for a week, and yet the data doesn’t point to a clear attraction for any of my characters. I know it’s there, we can give her the romance that only Gotterdammerűng can provide, but…

KARLA (touching him gently): We’ll find it. For her.

SETH: But we have all of this information! Why can’t I find the kind of romance that would set her soul aflame?

TOM (walking by, a beer in his hands, not even stopping as he breezes through the room, breaking the mood): Because some people get really offended when the GM tries to get into their pants?

(He leaves the room.)

SETH (a little angry): I suppose he just gives you cash for Valentine’s Day.

KARLA (not angry, exactly, but cynical and nodding at Seth’s barb as she looks in Tom’s direction): When you marry a punk rocker, the first thing you do is erase the word “romance” from your dictionary.

Ferrett Says

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One of the weird joys of putting out Home on the Strange is watching Roni bring my words to life. This is utterly necessary, because I am not a visual guy; I dream in words, and I suspect that if I ever had to live in another country where I had to speak another language, I would gasp for air and die, a fish removed from his native element.

These twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks are, indeed, my entire life.

But that does not mean that I cannot be amused by Roni’s interpretations, and her character models get me. Seth’s ludicrous Doctor Who outfit today made me giggle insanely – mmm, bright red pirate shirts! – and I didn’t plan on Seth wearing a tie in the past two strips, but it worked. And before that, he was wearing this hideous Nehru-style disco outfit.

Friday’s strip involves Seth in a ridonkulous outfit, but that’s for reasons of… Well, you’ll see. (If you want an advance preview, you can get it by voting for us, but no worries if you don’t.)

Roni’s made Seth into this sort of f**ked-up stage performer, where every time I see him he’s wearing a different and entirely horrible costume. She dresses him in hideous ways, each of which inevitably surprise me. This is appropriate, since to a large extent Seth is Roni’s baby; I envisioned him as tall and willowy, almost elf-like, but Roni saw “the perfect Seth” emerging from a theater in Boston, and who was I to deny her?

Hence, we have Seth, a man of wealth and taste. And awful, awful clothes.

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