The Invitation

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 6

The Invitation

Tom is outside, puttering in the garden, when Seth comes by with an elaborately-engraved envelope. (Heck, you can use your wedding invitations as a template. *G*) Wordlessly, he hands it over and bows.

Tom opens it up. It is ludicrously over-the-top, with swirls and gold filigree and sparkles. It is, essentially, a golden ticket. There is a close-up as Tom opens it.

Seth R. Moriante humbly requests your presence at
The unveiling of a new roleplaying Goddess
Isabella LeHane,
Playing the Princess Of The Seventh Realm,
Sunday, (whatever next Sunday is at the time we publish this)
Drinks provided

TOM (disgusted): I remain amazed at the lengths you’ll go to for trumped-up cybersex.

SETH: Philistine.

TOM (airily): And if I knew what that meant, I’d probably be insulted.

Ferrett Says

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Hello. Testing! Is this thing on?

As some of you may have noticed, Randy from Something Positive was incredibly kind enough to link to us earlier this week, sending tens of thousands of fellow SP fans over here to say “hello.” Thus, I suspect many of you are new and fresh to the fold.

I am absolutely thrilled to have you. I hope you can tolerate this – since had I known that come Friday, I would have a fresh audience, I would have done something really special to say howdy to all of you. As it is, this is simply the prelude to the climax of our current storyline, which does not occur until Monday. So, you know, it’s not the biggest funny we got.

Then again, I have a theory on funny and its place in comics.

But anyway. If you want a preview of Monday’s strip, I’ll instruct you to vote for us above, since Roni – bless her little heart – threw in a visual gag that I was absolutely not expecting, but made me giggle insanely when I saw it. The visual gag is on the preview of Monday’s sketch, which you’ll see if you bother to vote, but you won’t get it in context until you read the words within Monday’s strip. This is the best kind of preview.

Speaking of previews, barring some sudden interference or an arbitrary decision otherwise, the storyline after Gotterdammerung has run its inevitable course will be about previews, a little one-weeker called “Trailer Hitch.”

Somebody said the Superman Returns trailer was not all that. And that, my friends, was throwing down the damned gauntlet. But you'll see it when we get there.

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