The First Attempt

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uhhhhh-huh huh huh, he lost his 'NADS!
yeah yeah, NADS, yeah!!!
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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 7

The First Attempt

Panel 1 (a large panel):
(At the GM's table with Seth. Izzy is there, obviously with new dice, as is Tanner. Seth and Karla are dressed up as if for a wedding, with tuxedos and gowns.)

KARLA: You’re totally going to love this, Izzy! Seth is the best GM ever. He’s so good at what he does…

TOM (muttering): …for certain values of good.

IZZY: Well, it’s been three weeks of preparation. I’m excited.

SETH: You will be my triumph.

Panel 2:
(Seth is leaning over closely to Izzy the same way he does to Karla, making that pooched-our seduction face. Karla looks on in adoration.)


SETH: …so Throg looks you in the eyes with a gaze of burning coals. “I must have you,” he says. "I must possess every inch of your skin.”

IZZY: “Oh, Throg.”

Panel 3:

SETH: He pulls you to him.

IZZY: I slide my hand down the front of his breechcloth….

Panel 4:

SETH (pleasantly surprised, getting into it as he realizes that he has indeed triumphed as a GM): He arches into you.

IZZY (rolling dice with a clatter, excited – the dice rolling should be very dynamic and visible here): … and it's a critical hit!

SETH: What?

Panel 5:

IZZY (rising to her feet with excitement, miming the throw): I rip 'em off and fling them out the window, crying, “This is what happens to men who think of women as sex objects!"

(Seth and Karla are stunned. Izzy is triumphant. Everyone else golf claps.)

SETH (weakly): I think you’ve missed the point of roleplaying, Isabella…

TOM (with satisfaction, clapping her on the back): Oh, I think she gets it perfectly.

Ferrett Says

If you click on this link and vote for us, not only will you be helping us out and raising our traffic, but you'll get to see an advanced sketch of Wednesday's strip, "The Armageddon"!

Today's punchline brought to you courtesy of Shawn J, who provided me with the winning line when I asked for, and I quote, "The kind of dumb thing that white teenaged kids would shout after a slam-dunk when they wanted to sound really rad, man." Though many of the people I asked gave me a more technically correct answer, the attitude in this one triumphed.

I should also add that the window shot is all Roni. Unfortunately, this being the second gag of this ilk (see this comic, which is our most linked-to strip by far), I think we have a running gag of funny injuries that I was not planning on. Ah, well, whatcha gonna do?

Roni Says:

I fought for this window.

Sometimes, when I read a script, I get a very vivid image of a panel. I know exactly what I want to draw. Strip #4, Panel 8 was like this, as was Strip #14, panel 6. This window, even though there was no room for it in the script, was another one. Luckily, once Ferrett actually saw the panel he was sold.

Why these panels contain alarmingly similar themes is a question to be addressed at a later date.

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