The Panic

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 9

The Panic

Back at La Casa Strange. Karla enters through the door, frantic.

KARLA (startling Tom): Seth’s calling off the campaign!

TOM: What?

KARLA: He says now that Izzy’s humiliated him, he can’t continue as GM. Tom, I can’t stop now – Seawind the Enchantress has so much to learn! She’s just emerged from her sheltered cocoon of the upper class and begun to brush up against the harsh realities of life…

TOM: It’s just a roleplaying campaign, Karla…

KARLA (large, expansive, dramatic, as if she’s going for the Oscar – she grabs Tom by the front of his shirt to make her point, perhaps wandering away in the middle of this speed in overemphasized anguish): No. It’s a death. I’ve been through this before, and you lie awake nights wondering what might have happened – what level could she have made it to? Would she have eventually understood her own self-destructive impulses? Where would her path have led? I can’t go through this again!

(Note: I could very easily see this whole speech as a small series of panels in Hyper-Emotive Style, but I don’t know how much you’d want to draw it.)

TOM: This isn’t Old Yeller, Karla, it’s a -

KARLA (desperately, firmly, not bossy but rather needy): Tom, you have to apologize to Seth.

TOM: Wait a minute – I didn’t rip off Throg’s nuts, Izzy did. Why should I apologize?

KARLA (small, ashamed, like a little girl apologizing to mommy): Because I don’t know Izzy well enough to make her apologize.

Ferrett Says

If you click on this link and vote for us, not only will you be helping us out and raising our traffic, but you'll get to see an advanced sketch of Monday's strip, "The Revelation"!

Honestly? I wish I had something deep and meaningful to say about this particular strip. But I don’t, except for the fact that I absolutely love Karla’s expression in the penultimate panel.

Wait, I have one more thing of interest: the name of Seth’s campaign is Gotterdammerüng, which means “Armageddon” in German. In my Englisher parlance, I wrote it without the double-umlauts; it should be, technically, Gőtterdämmerung. But Roni saw it and said, “That campaign needs an umlaut.”

So I put an umlaut in. In the wrong place, yes, but this is not a pronunciation umlaut; it’s a cool umlaut, like the nonexistent umlaut over the “n” in Spinal Tap, which maps to no known human sound.

However, since then we have done nine comics about Gotterdammerüng. And despite the fact that it was Roni’s idea, every comic mentioning it has been sent back for umlautation. She forgets to put it in every time.

Thőse twő dőts häve been süch ä päin in őür äss, yőü dőn’t even knőw. Phear the umlaut.

Roni Says:

The Umlaut: As an offhand remark I said "It needs an umlaut". Mostly because I use each and every opportunity I have to say the word "umlaut". It's fun to say. Even if I'm typing it. Anyways, I didn't think through there not being an umlaut in our comic font (not that I know how to type an umlaut). Thus, I have to go in and add those two little dots by hand on an entirely separate layer. As this step is done when I draw the bubbles, it comes hours after I cut and paste the text and I have forgotten the umlaut completely. I forget it every freaking time. I rue my umlaut. Luckily, Ferrett is an anal retentive FREAK who always catches it. My umlaut. Umlaut. Umlaut. Umlaut.

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