The Revelation

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 10

The Revelation

Tom and Tanner are playing some game on the PS2 together at Tom’s house.

TOM: Seth’s calling off the campaign because Izzy humiliated him.

TANNER (concerned): He’s cancelling Gotterdammerűng?

TOM: Yeah. And get this – Karla wants me to go talk him out of it.

TANNER: Well, you should.

TOM (surprised): You want him as a GM?

TANNER: I’m not fond of the way he macks on your wife, but the man runs a damned fine campaign. I love playing Windwhisper the Ninja. I’d hate to lose him.

TANNER: Trust me, I wouldn’t hang around a scumbag like Seth if he didn’t have his GM talent… But he does. And I need to get my game on.

TOM (disgusted): So basically, you’ll whore for XP.

TANNER (completely unaffected, paying more attention to the screen than to Tom): Bukkake me with points, baby. I need the levels.

Ferrett Says

If you click on this link and vote for us, not only will you be helping us out and raising our traffic, but you'll get to see an advanced sketch of Wednesday's strip, "The Conflict"!

There are those who wondered why we blurred the word "motherf***er" in last Monday's strip. There are actually three reasons for it.

First, this strip is PG-13. Which means that we will be dealing with adult concepts like sex and violence in the plot, but the actual content of the strip in words and images will always be readable by a thirteen-year-old girl. A very ignorant thirteen-year-old girl with permissive parents, perhaps, one who needs to ask lots of questions about what "polyamorous" means, but a thirteen-year-old girl nonetheless.

This ties into the second reason: I don't think swearing is particularly funny in and of itself. Penny Arcade manages to make it work, of course, but there are too many people who think that calling someone a "c**k" is funny just because "c**k" is a naughty word. I swear like a sailor, personally, but I think it's much funnier when someone has to get more creative.

But third, and most important, my Mom reads this strip. Hi, Mom! I know you don't know what "bukkake" is, and I don't want you to have to look it up, but it's a Japanese game that's a lot like pachinko – a kind of pinball game that bored Japanese wives are utterly addicted to. They can't get enough bukkake, and bored husbands complain about having to get together for great bukkake get-togethers at the bukkake palace.

But the Japanese are very secretive about this bukkake game to outsiders. They don't like occidentals knowing about it, since it is an ancient Japanese secret, just like the Chinese have long held onto their treasured Calgon. So I wouldn't ask a Japanese housewive whether she enjoys bukkake, or she might just burst into tears.

This has been a public service announcement from Home on the Strange. Thankew!

Roni Says:

Some of you have been asking us about T-shirts. We want you to have T-shirts. We would LOVE for you to have T-shirts. The thing is, we need to know what T-shirts you want!

Currently, we have a couple of T-shirts for sale at We have the Karla's Army" T-shirt, taken from strip #7, and the "I work NAKED" shirt taken from way back in strip #1. Cafepress works well in that you can buy a shirt, or not, and we're not stuck with a large piles of T-shirts no one wants to buy. They'll handle the payment and ship the shirts right to you lickety-split. Granted, some people are big fans of Cafepress, and it's admittedly not the ideal solution for us, so let's look at other options.

1. Local Print on Demand.
You guys tell us what kind of shirts you would like to see, and I do up some sketches. We pick a design or two and take advance orders to a certain date. Once the orders are in, I head on over to my local print on demand shop and place our order. When the shirts are done, I'll pack them up and ship 'em out. I'll also design some kind of extra surprise for being such kind, patient and supportive readers. The downside to this is the shirts will be kind of pricey. Print on demand is great way to do small runs of a shirt, but it's expensive. Also, it will take a while for each round of orders to go out, and we won't have many shirts on hand to sell online or bring to cons.

2. Larger Run T-shirt Printing.
If a particular shirt is popular and we have enough orders, we can do a large run of silk-screened shirts. This would be similar to the process of the print on demand shirts, except it will be less expensive and once we have the initial order in, there will be less turn around time on orders shipping out. Plus, we'd have shirts to bring you at cons. This is our eventual goal. The downside is, that we would need to have a lot of orders for one particular design of shirt. We'd love to be able to drop a couple of hundred dollars up front on a big batch of shirts and be all set, but that's just not feasible right now since we don't know if we'd sell more then a handful.

So, do you want shirts? What kind? What color? Is there a particular bit of Home on the Strangeness that you would love to wear around? Please jump in to the ongoing T-shirt thread in the forums and let us know what you'd like to see!

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