The Conflict

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 11

The Revival

Seth’s house. Still dark. He’s lying on the couch, still with the washcloth on his head, eyes closed, looking close to dead.

A shadow falls over him.

SETH: Karla?

TOM: Not quite.

SETH (resigned): I suppose you’ve come to gloat. The campaign is over. You won’t have to worry about your wife’s virtual romances with me any more.

TOM (sitting down): Not really. I knew it’d end this way.

SETH (angry, sitting up to match him): What?

TOM: I always told Karla that some day, we’d snap your political structure in half. You were juggling too many plots, and when Izzy stepped outside of your boundaries… You snapped.

SETH: I did not snap, I –

TOM (mocking): - collapsed like a house of cards. “If Throg’s humiliated, everything falls!” You know, when I ran a game, I could handle unexpected events, but…

(He gets up, perhaps while giving this speech, and leaves Seth behind, who is raving with frustration.)

SETH (crying at Tom’s back, the helpless villain screaming at the man who’s slowly riding away from him – I picture him shouting at Tom’s silhouette in the door, an unconscious parallel to the haddock scene, fists raised as Tom exists): That’s not true! There are other alliances that can fill the power vacuum! I’ll show you!

TOM (walking away from Seth’s house, who is raving and ranting in the door, all weakness forgotten) (thinking): All too easy.

Ferrett Says

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Roni Says:

It's killing me, but I just looked back at our old emails and Gotterdammerűng used to be one single strip. Just one. It was simply the actual gaming session. I thought came out of no where, so Ferrett and I talked about using the storyline to explore some of the character relationships. Soon after, Ferrett sent me nine more strips. They were great, but I thought the end left things hanging. A little reworking and we ended up with a 12 strip story arc. I just can't believe we started with just the one.

Incidentally, I've been having a great time watching the forum speculation about the story arc. It's neat seeing the alternative paths where people think we're going and the reasoning behind it. There has been some tweaking, but Ferrett initially wrote the scripts in early March. The past month has been like knowing what someone's birthday present is, but not being allowed to say anything. I hope most of you are pleasantly surprised. The month long story arc has been an interesting experiment, which I'm certain we'll talk more about when we finish it up on Friday.

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