The Sweet, Sweet Reward

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Gotterdammerűng, Part 12

The Sweet, Sweet Reward

Tom and Karla are at home. Karla's in slouch mode, dressed poorly.

KARLA (amazed, afraid to hope): So you... You talked Seth into starting up
the campaign again?

TOM (shrugging): He needs a month or two to figure out how to fix everything, but...

KARLA: You saved Seawind.

(She leaves the room, begins talking off-screen as Tom gets himself a beer
and sits down on the couch)

TOM: Well, yeah. She's your character. You love her.

KARLA: But you hate the way she's always carrying on with Prince Mannock. You hate Seth's campaign.

TOM (shrugging it off): It makes you happy.

KARLA: You did that for me?

TOM: Well, I didnít do it for Seth.

KARLA: That's... amazingly sweet. And as a reward, I thought maybe... I
could introduce you to LARPing.

TOM (rolling his eyes, frustrated): Karla, you know I hate stupid LARPers!
With the (does the gesture) "I'm invisible" crap, and the politics... How the hell does that help?

KARLA (still off-screen): No, you don't understand....

(Big, dramatic reveal. Karla slithers on panel, dressed in Seawind's
uber-sexy outfit, her hair done like Seawind's - and yes, I know this is too
short a time to do her hair like that, but this is MAGICAL REALISM Ė showing as much skin is as tastefully possible, posed in a way that will inspire instant arousal in every man and appropriate woman who looks at this comic.)

KARLA (seductively): ...Seawind the Enchantress wants to show her gratitude.

(She straddles Tom, who cannot believe his good fortune.)

TOM (stunned, in amazement, a dopey grin on his face as every one of his adolescent fantasies has just come true): ...okay, I'll play just this once.

KARLA (fondling his hair): Rock, paper, scissors... Oh, gee, it's rock.

Ferrett Says

If you click on this link and vote for us, not only will you be helping us out and raising our traffic, but you'll get to see an advanced sketch of Monday's strip, "Sold Under Sin"!

Roni Says:

Thus we conclude our longest yet, and probably longest ever, storyline. Actually, according to the second round of strips it would have ended Wednesday, but I lobbied for a coda to check back in with Tom and Karla, and address any lingering questions as to the status of. the game. Ferrett's fun to draw gag was a bonus.

It's been an interesting experiment of a month. We needed the story to run this long in order to say everything we wanted to say, the way we wanted to say it. The frustrating this is, we've had a number of fun story arcs come up over the past four weeks that had to be put on the back burner. I'm not sure we'll NEVER do a story this long again, but in the near future we're going to try to keep things to a 2-3 week chunk, max.

In other news, as per Monday's Roni Says" we're still talking about the t-shirts in the forum. We've had a few great suggestions, an embroidered HotS polo shirt to subtlety let your geek flag fly at work, or an Open Source Wishing Project shirt like Tom is wearing here, but we have yet to have large singular response of "Let's do this thing!" so if any of those shirts strike your fancy, or you have an idea of your own, please let us know!

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