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To all the drag queens with string in their hairdos but most especially to my Jub.

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Sponsor A Comic For Only $5!

The Script For Today's Comic!


Izzy and Tom, somewhere either fun to draw or easy to draw; take your pick. Izzy is having one of those get-to-know-ya conversations with Tom, where sheís idly curious about his background and feels like following up on something Karla told her once. Tom, on the other hand, feels slightly embarrassed talking about it, since itís making a failed portion of his life sound a lot more interesting than it really was.

IZZY: So you were in a punk band?

TOM: Yeah. Program. We toured for about six years but never got anywhere. I made more money from the photographs I was taking of other shows, so I quit.

IZZY: Hmm. I loved punk, but I never heard of you.

TOM: Well, um, our songs weren't that good. But we were famed for our covers.

IZZY (suddenly interested): Oh, yeah, the punker's creed! Find a sappy song and punk it up. So what'd you do?

TOM: It wasn't so much a song as an entire Broadway musical, condensed into twenty-minute spot.

IZZY: What musical?

TOM (reaching a crescendo of embarrassment): ...Annie.

A flashback scene. Tom is on stage in the middle of a howling mosh pit seething with angry punkers in spiked leather jackets, punching and smashing against each other. (Tanner isnít there.) A man is flying into mid-air, leaping off the stage towards the crowd. Tom is hunched over pouring his soul into the microphone, looking totally butch and absolutely serious...

...except that he's wearing a bright red "Annie" dress and a red afro wig.


TOM (gigantic letters, audience sings along): FOR US!

Ferrett Says

If you click on this link and vote for us, not only will you be helping us out and raising our traffic, but you'll get to see an advance sketch of Monday's strip, "Kryptonite"!

For the record, I would totally pay money to hear this. I have a severe weakness for this sort of weird musical experiment - also see: mash-ups. Apocalyptica. Richard Cheese. Paul Anka in Rock Swings. But, interestingly enough, not Dread Zeppelin. Whatcha gonna do?

Roni Says:

This was a great deal of fun to draw. I've been looking forward to it for weeks.

Currently, the heads of the T-shirt pack are: a Seawind The Enchantress shirt, an Open-Source Wish Project shirt, and an embroidered Home on the Strange Polo shirt. I don't think we'll be able to do all of them right away, but I'll work up some layouts and see what I can do.

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