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The Script For Today's Comic!

Trailer Hitch, Part 1: Kryptonite

Tom’s in the coffee shop, head in his hands, clearly upset. Tanner enters.

TOM (moaning, with perhaps a drippy bubble to reflect this): I can’t believe I was so weak…

TANNER: Tom? What’s the matter?

TOM: I promised Karla that I’d wait until this evening to watch the new Superman Returns trailer with her, but… I broke down and downloaded it.

TANNER (agreeing with Tom that this is indeed serious): You trailer-cheated on your wife?

TANNER: Tom, even I know not to do that.

TOM (waving him off weakly): I know, I know. And the thing was, it sucked! It looks horrible! And now I have to watch it again with Karla this evening!

TANNER (smirking): So…. You cheated on your wife with trailer trash.

TOM (leveling a finger at him, dourly appreciative): Oh, you think you’re funny.

Ferrett Says

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As a crime, this comic may seem insignificant to you. But to the people involved, it’s a transgression of great magnitude. And that’s what I find interesting about relationships in general; while people tend to assume that every relationship has the same needs, really each set of two people get to re-define what lines can or cannot be crossed.

Which is a really erudite-sounding set-up for a silly joke, but let’s go with this.

I should also add that there is no recent trailer out (and more’s the pity), but we had to move this strip around to make room for last week’s Deadwood premiere strip. Apparently, many of you don’t watch Deadwood and thus didn’t get the joke. That’s fine; this being a comic chronicling geek culture, not every strip is gonna be for you. As long as it amuses Roni and me sufficiently, we’ll go with it.

That said, this week’s media reference oughta be sufficiently large for people of all ages to grok. Enjoy.

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