Blue Kryptonite

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Trailer Hitch, Part 2: Blue Kryptonite

Still in the coffee shop.

TANNER (in disbelief): Tom, how can you say the Superman Returns trailer looks bad?

TOM: I donít know. It just looks played.

TANNER: He flies around! He saves a plane! He takes a goddamn bullet right in the eye! What more do you want?

TOM: Yeah, but Superman changed the rotation of the earth in the first movie. Now weíre back to saving planes. It feels like a letdown.

TANNER: Okay, he turned back time. But where could he go from there?

TOM (dead serious, not grinning at all Ė this is High Theory to him, even as heís relating it casually): I dunno. I thought maybe heíd punch out God.

TANNER (facepalm): Oh, for Godís sake.

TOM: Öor there could be snakes on the plane!

Ferrett Says

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In the beginning, there was Tom. And he was me. Oh, a disguised me, and a me in different circumstances, but still he was mostly an avenue to share my wise-assed comments through.

Then Tom took a step away from me. The difference really came to light as Roni and I were hashing out Gotterdammer(umlaut)ung, when I realized that actually, Iíd kind of dig playing in Sethís campaign. Oh, I wouldnít like the sleazy girl-macking, but the ridiculous depth of characterization is something Iíd take to.

Thatís when I realized that it wasnít simply that Tom didnít like Seth. It was that to Tom, the 10x10 room and an orc with a pie were the perfect adventure. He didnít like Sethís campaign because of Karla, natch, but he also didnít like it because he wants a beer, he wants his pretzels, and he wants to kill something in a dang dungeon.

In short, Tom is a crappy roleplayer. And thus, in that day, he became someone else Ė someone whoís not as smart as I am (or, at least, as smart as I think I am), someone possessed of far different tastes (I know in my heart that Tom really digs GWAR and finds the political stuff of the Dead Kennedies to be really boring), and someone who I would actively come into conflict here.

Today is the final step: Tom is now espousing something that I myself cannot fathom. In this strip, I am Tanner; Tom Rough is some whacko with a psychotic opinion. And itís a little odd, considering how close we used to be, but I think Tomís happier this way.

Or maybe Iím just nuts.

Roni Says:

Has anyone else noticed how much new Superman looks like Jason Schwartzman?

ART NEWS: I'm excited that I've ordered a Wacom tablet. All the prettiest comics have one. Hopefully, I will soon bring you prettier comics, faster.

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