Gold Kryptonite

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Trailer Hitch, Part 3: Gold Kryptonite

SCENE: Tom and Karla are at the computer. Tom is sitting down, obviously clicking and navigating his way to the site, while Karla is crouched behind him eagerly, watching the trailer, really getting into it. Tom has this kind of numb, despairing look on his face.


(This is the gun going off, followed by the final notes of the Superman Returns trailer. If you’ve got a better way of doing this, lemme know.)

There is a pause (like a full panel), and then Karla leaps into the air, doing a little girly dance. Tom turns to watch her, still numb and expressionless, feeling both guilty over having betrayed his wife and worried about the lousy trailer he’s seen.

KARLA: Yes! Yes! YES! The new Superman looks so good!

TOM (small): …I guess.

KARLA (noticing, wary): What’s wrong, sweetie? You – wait a minute.

KARLA (she knows now, OMG): Look me in the eye.

TOM (almost in tears): No.

KARLA (walking around, furious): Oh my God, you saw this without me! I saved myself for this trailer, and you saw it without me!

TOM: I was weak, baby… I was just mousing around and it was just there…

KARLA (sternly): That trailer was for us. As a man and wife, we are bonded by our love of movies. You do not mess around with that.

TOM (utterly shamed): I thought maybe we could see other films…


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