Animal Control, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

CRASH, Part 2

Still on the road.

TANNER: Look, I know there’s something between us. I just want to know what it is so I can sleep at night.

IZZY: Look too close, and you’ll be sleeping alone.

TANNER: Okay, so we’re sleeping together. I get that. So you can sleep with other guys?

IZZY: Yes. If I want to. But your amazing testosterone musk has temporarily placated my urges.

TANNER: And if I sleep with someone else, you won’t get jealous?

IZZY (very care-free): As long as it’s safe sex? Sure. Whatever.

TANNER (crafty): Even if it’s with my ex-girlfriend Ann?

IZZY (rising bolt upright from the chair to yell at Tom through the phone, furious): The one who dumped you and cheated on you all the time? Screw her, and it’s over between us.

TANNER (smug): Oh ho. So you are jealous.

IZZY: No, I just wouldn’t want to be caught dead f**king anyone that stupid.

Ferrett Says

Two links of notice: If you like the idea of Snakes on a Plane – and who the heck doesn't? – then you're gonna love Cobras in the Cockpit, a game where you get to play as the snakes. They are advertising with us this week, but I gotta say that I'd probably be squealing about this game even if they weren't – I'm a huge fan of silly games like this, as my closet full of CheapAss Games will attest. Y'all should go check it out.

You may wonder why Snakes on a Plane is so good. Well, the last movie to feature a snake on a plane was Raiders of the Lost Ark, and it was one of the greatest movies of all time. And that was with just one snake. A movie with a hundred snakes on a plane will certainly be a hundred times as good as Raiders.


Also, I had another revelation about writing Home on the Strange, this one about punchlines. If you like that sort of behind-the-scenes stuff, you can find my latest theory on comic writing here.

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