Seinfeld, Nov. 18, 1992

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For cleavage, and the appreciation thereof.

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Seinfeld, Nov. 18, 1992
(8 Panels)

Panel 1:
(Both of them in the computer room, working on opposite PCs.)

TOM: "Hey, how many people have friended you on LiveJournal?"

KARLA: "Seven hundred."

TOM: "Wow. I only have fifty."

Panel 2:
KARLA: "It's not a popularity contest, sweetie. It's just an audience, that's all."

TOM: "But it's not fair! I write funny essays! I talk about love, and politics, and movies… How come seven hundred people read you, and only fifty people read me?"

Panel 3:
(Karla reaches into a drawer.)

Panel 4:
(She pulls out a webcam, hooks it up, sets it on top of her computer.)

Panel 5:
(She pooches out her lips, yanks her top down to a barely-acceptable height with one hand, and makes a totally over-the-top "seductive" pose to the webcam.)

Panel 6:
(Back to normal, she leans back in her chair and hits "Enter" on her keyboard, evidently posting it to LJ.)

Panel 7:
(In the room still, but there is a welter of little "pop"s from the computer as hundreds of little boxes fill the room, each with something stupid like "O mama" and "yur so hot")

Panel 8:
TOM (seething): "That is so not fair."

KARLA (looking at the increasingly-incoherent replies with worry, flinching from them almost as if they were in the room with her): "I didn't say it was a smart audience."

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