Animal Control, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!

CRASH, Part 3

Theyíre still talkiní.

IZZY: Tanner, let it go. Weíre having a good time. Try to dissect this frog of a relationship and it will die.

TANNER: Iím not trying to dissect it, Izzy, Iím justÖ trying to find out where the boundaries are.

TANNER: See, Iíve screwed up every relationship Iíve been in. But if I screw this one up, then I lose a friend and a social group. I canít afford to blow this one.

IZZY (getting actually mad): Well, youíre gonna blow it if you keep asking me questions, Tanner. Stop investigating. Now.

TANNER: Oh, so you get to set all of the boundaries in this? I donít get a say?

IZZY: Thatís not fair.

TANNER: Thatís what Ann always said. I donít know if I buy that any more.

IZZY: Donít you dare compare me to Ann, you stupid sonuva Ė

TANNER: Well, then stop acting Ė

(Throughout this, Tanner has been paying less and less attention to the road as he drives, in a crescendo of oblivion Ė and finally, he hits something hard enough that his head rebounds off the steering wheel (which is too old to have an airbag). We donít see what he hit Ė just a huge, Jack Kirbysque WHUMP! As Tomís head rebounds off the car, and his cell phone goes flying into the windshield without cracking it. (Itís not that big an accident.)

There are two panels of silence after this, cut-n-copied panels with Tanner lying unconscious on the wheel as the car rolls to a stop. The third panel is the same, but with a very small voice drifting up from the cell phone)

IZZY: ÖTanner?

Ferrett Says

I donít have much to say about this strip. Ask me Monday.

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