Animal Control, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!

CRASH, Part 5:

Tanner is kneeling down to look at the possum, still on the phone with Izzy.

IZZY: Are you okay?

TANNER (distracted): I got a little cooked, but Iím okay.

IZZY: You had an accident, and the first thing you do is quote Star Wars at me?

TANNER: Oh, man, I think I killed it. How can you tell if a possumís alive?

IZZY: Tanner, itís a possum. Theyíre vermin. My father used to shoot them down South.

TANNER (irritated): I donít care. Itís a living creature, and I hurt it because I was stupid. Itís not going to die because of me. Where the hell do you bring a broken possum?

IZZY: The vet, I guess. Is it living?

TANNER (looking closely): Yeah, but itís in bad shape. (Sound effect: Grrrrr, tiny and small) And now itís growling at me.

IZZY: Tanner, itís going to give you rabies. Just leave it behind, itíll get by.

TANNER: Thatís what they told me about Ann, but maybe this one will be more grateful.

IZZY: Itíd have to be.

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