Animal Control, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!

CRASH, Part 6:

Still at the wreck.

TANNER (kneeling down to try to get at the possum): Come on, little guy, I won’t hurt you – oh crap, it just took a bite at me. It’s hurting bad.

IZZY: It’s going to give you rabies.

TANNER: You might leave it behind. But me? I’ve been hurt and left in wrecks before, and I’m not letting anything go through this alone. Especially when it’s my fault.

TANNER: So either help me save this damn possum, or get off the damn phone.

IZZY (suddenly shocked into the realization that she’s been really insensitive on a lot of levels – yes, Tanner’s being curt, but on the other hand she’s not particularly being nice, either, and she’s not arguing for anything that she’d be proud of the next morning): Okay, okay – if you can’t pick it up, you have to wrap it in something. Something thick, where it can’t hurt you. Then take it to the vet, fast, before it gets out.

TANNER: But I don’t have anything thick to wrap it in. And it’s bleeding a lot.

IZZY: You have something, if you want it.

Tanner at the strip club, where it is dark but filled with lots of flashy lights. He is wearing his jacket and shirt, which from now on are ripped in three places and covered in fresh possum blood – which would have dried in the real world, but in this semi-magical world is still red as paint. He has a cut on his forehead, is looking nasty, and basically like he just stepped out of a slasher flick. His T-shirt, which is smeared, says “BOUNCER.”

In the foreground, there are two guys drinking, looking back at Tanner with considerable alarm.

GUY 1: Dude, do not start anything tonight.

GUY 2: Way ahead of you.

Ferrett Says

Part of the thrill – and the worry – of making a comic is that you take chances. These chances often involve taking gigantic leaps of faith in your readership and their ability to keep up.

Today’s strip involves an extra-special leap, wherein there is a large narrative gap where we’re hoping you’re all smart enough to dope out what happened, even if you never actually see the events that transpire in that tiny black abyss that lies between the panels. We’ll see how it goes, but if not, what the heck; as the maitre d’ said in LA Story, “I like a little gamble.”

In any case, this whole storyline is part of what I find interesting about relationships, and arguments in particular – how when you’re in the middle of a fight, there is absolutely nothing that is more important than staking out your territory and winning. It swells to encompass your entire world. And then, if you’re lucky, something comes along to remind you that no, really, this is sort of a stupid thing to be fighting about when there are much larger things at stake.

In this case, it’s an actual life. But hopefully, you can find something a little less critical to shock you out of your shell.

This isn’t the end just yet; Monday features the real resolution. But I figured I’d say something here, just to letcha know we’re alive.

Oh, and Roni probably has something to say, too. Read her. She’s neat, and I think her coloring skills have taken a major boost in the last couple of strips.

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