Tanner Laid Bare

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tanner and Karla, sitting down after Karla's misfired attempt to redress Tanner. Tanner is in despair.

TANNER: It's no use, Karla. My favorite jacket is gone.

KARLA: There'll be others, Tanner.

TANNER: No, I had that thing for twelve years. It was this big, heavy, spiked mass of leather. It had heft. I felt safe inside of it. And now, I feel... I feel....


TANNER: ...Like I've gone from AC 7 to AC 10.

KARLA (putting a hand on his shoulder, trying to see the bright side of things): But you get your DEX bonus back!

TOM (off-screen): Are you guys using 2nd Edition rules again?

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