The Non-Sweet Science

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The Script For Today's Comic!

The Non-Sweet Science

Tom and Karla are in bed again, and Karla is snuggled up close. She is evidently amorous.

KARLA (sexily): So what are you thinking?

TOM (oblivious): I was thinking about this magazine article I read.

KARLA: Do tell….

TOM (split this up into a few panels, if you like, but he’s excited): This volcano erupted underwater in Hawaii, creating this vortex of boiling water – and a whole ecosystem has grown around it! There are shoals of eels that devour the helpless shrimp that get sucked in, and there are so many rotting fish that new strains of flesh-eating bacteria and gutworms have emerged to eat all the dead tissue!


TOM: I just shared myself out of sex again, didn’t I?

KARLA (scuttling away to the other side of the bed, disgusted, pulling the sheets tight around her as she shuts out Tom): Now I’m going to have Giger-inspired hentai dreams all night.

Ferrett Says

Scott Adams once said that 60% of a comic’s success came from its audience identifying with it – as in, “Hey, that character could be me!” I don’t know whether that’s true (Doonesbury and Schlock Mercenary spring to mind), but I do know that today’s strip has happened to me more than once.

In other news, Friday’s comic seemed to be popular, despite my inaccuracy – as HOTSJames pointed out in the forums, second edition didn’t have accompanying DEX bonuses with armor, and even if it did Tanner would have to have a DEX of 24 before the leather armor affected his speed. Now, I could make a fooferaw about Karla not being familiar with AD&D in an attempt to make it a characterization (it is, technically, something she wouldn’t know that much about), but hey. Sometimes ya just blow it.

Also, as Elizabeth Barnett pointed out, “Wouldn't the studs and spikes and chains make it studded leather, and thus AC 7?” Ya got me.

Roni Says:

While this has never hapened to me, I can easily imagine this happening to Ferret.

All I really remember about 2nd Ed is THAC0 and I really resent I will never use that information again.

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