“Gas Station Roses” Would Be A Great Name For A Band

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tanner and Tom are chatting at the coffee shop, as usual. Karla comes along and puts a single-stemmed rose into Tom’s hands and kisses him on the cheek with that sort of quirky little smile that only he gets to see.

KARLA: That’s for being you.

(She walks away. Tanner reacts, finding this a little odd.)

TANNER: What was that about?

TOM (looking after Karla fondly, and perhaps a little goofily with love): Sometimes, when Karla’s filling up the car, she thinks of me and buys me a rose. It’s her way of showing love to me.

TANNER: But you never buy her roses.

TOM: Don’t have to. I let her hang out with Seth, and I watch Buffy with her when she’s down. That’s what love is to her.

TANNER: ..and to you, love is gas station roses.

TOM (Unashamed): Yep.

TANNER (good-natured joshing, with a slight bite): You realize if you were any girlier, you’d be lactating.

TOM (pushing up his boobs as if he was showing them off to a crowd of strip-club attendees, overly excited by the possibility): That’d be great! I could make my own lattes!

Ferrett Says

The title to this strip comes from a game that my wife and I play. We’ll be discussing some casual topic, discussing stuff like a friend’s ferrets who steal bits of cheese from the table, and suddenly I’ll perk up.

“You know,” say I, “ ‘Cheese-Eating Weasels’ would be a great name for a band.”

I’ve never compiled a list of the “great” band names that have come up, but trust me when I say that if I ever got to choose the Billboard Top 100, the names on there would be radically different than the ones now. And dammit, I know that the Stone Roses were a band, but “Gas Station Roses” would be the bomb.

But even Bombier would be “Program.” That’s a cool band name. But I gave the coolest name in the strip to Tom’s old band, which is as it should be.

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