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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Izzy are talking in the Home on the Strange in a place of your choice. Wherever they are, you have to be able to see Karla sitting on the couch, her eyes glazed with lust as she stares at the television, practically drooling. She notices nobody and nothing else.

IZZY (looking over with vague worry, and perhaps a little admiration): I gotta hand it to you, Tom.

TOM (unconcerned): Why?

IZZY: Karla’s completely obsessed with Sawyer on “Lost.” She reads all the fanfic, she’s got him on her wallpaper, and once a week she completely tunes you out to watch the show.

IZZY: Not many husbands would be comfortable with their wife drooling over someone who’s, um…

TOM (confidently, perhaps even a little preening): Much better looking than they are?

IZZY: Yeah.

TOM (firmly, as if this is an established law of the universe): Sawyer’s a hunk, but I have one advantage: When the show’s over, Josh Holloway isn’t here. I am.


IZZY: So to you, an episode of “Lost” is like…

TOM: An hour of foreplay where I don’t have to be there.

KARLA (off-screen, the voice bubble loud, jagged, and desperate): “Sawyer”! I need you now!

TOM (casually, without a hint of leering): …lock the door on your way out, would you?

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