A Strange Charm

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Karla are wandering through the Best Buy again, and since I guess weíll be here often Iíd probably make it a standardized background. Tom is pushing a cart, and he extracts a DVD out of it and holds it to the light as if he were holding up a spoiled fish. (You can choose what kind of DVD it is if you like, or if you canít think of anything good itís Season One of Charmed.)

TOM: Why are we buying this?

KARLA: Because I want to watch it.

TOM: Except you wonít. You have twenty DVDs still in the shrinkwrap at home.

KARLA (in teacher mode again): When I come home, I can watch any number of movies. I like having that choice, even if the only thing I ever choose to watch is Buffy reruns.

TOM (enlightened and amused): So itís a quantum entertainment.

KARLA (smiling): Yes. Now put it back in before you collapse the wave.

Ferrett Says

I am, perhaps, overly thrilled with the title of this strip because of how it ties in neatly with both subatomic particles and the concept of the strip itself. But thatís just me.

In other news, today Roni delivers proof that if you mention a movie you hate, she will make sure you see it at the next available opportunity. This is but part of her strange charm.

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