Magnificence Of Scale

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Sorry, but this has to be described panel-by-panel. You’ll understand in a minute.

Panel 1:
Tanner stares at his rack of five VHS tapes in mild depression. (I’ll let you choose the movies, though since we’ve stated “Army of Darkness” is his favorite movie and mentioned his love of “Omega Man,” they should both be there.)

TANNER (Thinking): Man, there’s nothing I want to watch.

Panel 2:
Seth, at his house, staring at an elegant rack with about eighty DVD cases, holding a snifter of brandy, sniffing at the rack as if it displeases him.

SETH (thinking): Man, there’s nothing I want to watch.

Panel 3:
Tom and Karla, staring at their three bookshelves’ worth of DVDs, Tom’s arm around Karla, both of them frowning a little.

TOM: Man, there’s nothing I want to watch.

KARLA: There has to be something….

Panel 4:

CAPTION: The Netflix distribution center.

A man in a Netflix T-shirt stares at the huge warehouse of red-enveloped DVDs, with a bulldozer full of DVDs hauling them to the next place, looking at the vast rows of shelves that stretch out to nowhere, like the scene where Trinity and Neo get their guns in the Matrix.

FOREMAN: Man, there’s nothing I want to watch.

CAPTION: It never ends.

Roni Says:

This is one of those scripts that I read and wanted to kick Ferrett in the shin. Endless amounts of objects always sound good on paper, but not so good when you have to draw them. At least it wasn't an army. This comic brought to you by the rubber stamp tool and the letter AHHHHH.

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