Maid, To Order, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Tom and Karla are in the living room, but it is filthy and has not been cleaned in days. Tom is at the laptop, working hard.

KARLA (irritated, but not furious): Tom, itís been days since the house was cleaned! Look at this rug!

TOM: Iím sorry. When did I become the maid?

KARLA: But you work at home!

TOM: And when I work at home, I never stop working. Iím always scrambling for new clients, answering emails, retouching photos.

TOM (firmly): I work eighty-hour weeks on this couch trying to get this business off the ground. I am not the home cleaning service as well.

(Karla understands this. This is a conversation that Gini and I have had several times, so while itís intense, the actual nature of ďargumentĒ no longer applies.)

KARLA: Well, maybe we should hire a maid, then.

TOM: What?

KARLA: Itís surprisingly cheap Ė like $120 a month. And we wouldnít argue about the house any more.

TOM (earnestly, a little worried): But punk rockers donít have maids.

KARLA: Youíve sold out, sweetie. Next week comes the spats and monocle-fitting.

Ferrett Says

By the time you read this comic, I will be on a whirlwind trip in Europe, visiting lovely England and Germany with my wife. We will be gone for just under three weeks, which is coincidentally the length that this new storyline will run.

I actually find it a shame, since this storyline isnít gonna go where you think it will, and Iíd love to provide commentary on why a complaint of Roniís pretty much provided the reason I wrote this whole thing, but youíre gonna have to wait until I get back to hear my take. Assuming all goes well, I may not even see the strips until I return.

In the meantime, Godspeed. Have a wonderful day; I know we will.

Roni Says:

So...yeah. Since we're not sure how often Ferrett will be on the internet, if at all, I'll be running the show for the next three weeks all by myself. Starting tomorrow, we'll be running a two and a half week storyline about fairies.

I kid. Ferrett's written the next three weeks of scripts, and I'll be following them just with a little less input than usual. The major difference is since I'm usually busy drawing things like, say, 10,000 DVDs Ferrett runs the site. So for now I'm running the web maintenance; updating the comic, writing the column, uploading the sketches and re-writing the links...and I can't even edit the names in my cellphone. My husband is listed under "Jamerp". So let's all cross our fingers and hope I don't break anything, and if I do, hope that Europe has a solid, public, and easily accessible wireless network. Wish me luck, and a solid memory for procedures.

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