Maid, to Order, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Tanner are talking on the phone. Tom looks eager, and perhaps a little spiffy, and definitely cool with the whole thing now.

TANNER: So you hired a maid?

TOM: Oh yeah. We could afford it, so why not?

TANNER (looking about his own filthy place): I dunno, man. Iíd be a little nervous about having a stranger over. I donít want girls to see my messesÖ

TOM: As long as itís a hot girl, I donít care. I mean, come on, Tanner! A cute little French girl in a maidís outfit, bending over to clean the rug?

TANNER: Tom, youíre married.

TOM (eagerly): Yeah, but Karla can look and so can I. Ooh la la, baby! (Doorbell rings) Hang on, sheís here.

(He opens the door. Instead of a hot girl in a French maid outfit, it is a forty-seven year-old Mexican guy, complete with mustache and saggy face, in overalls and holding a vacuum cleaner in one hand and a plastic holder full of cleaning supplies in the other. There is a pause as Tom reacts to this.)

TANNER: So howís she look?

TOM: Picturing my maid in black stockings is so disturbing, I canít feel my legs.

TANNER: Iím sure itís somebodyís fetish.

Roni Says:

So far so good.

To be clear, I'm not technophobic, far from it. However, I only have a vague grasp of HTML. From what Ferrett's said, I'm afraid I'll make a typo and put the quotations in the wrong place or perform an upload-related action in the wrong order and break the site. At which point I won't know what went wrong in order to fix it. It's very much the same sensation as if I'm wearing long coat next to a display of delicate glass. The Impending Doom of the Misstep.

Also, today presents an exciting opportunity! Top Web Comics resets at the beginning of the month, giving each individual vote a bit more weight. If enough of you vote today, we might make it into the top 10 and you can see our special banner ad starring Karla and Izzy in sexy costumes!

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