Maid, To Order, Part 4

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Tanner are at the coffee shop.

TANNER: So youíre upset about your maid, just because heís Hispanic?

TOM: No, itís not that Ė itís that he doesnít do anything interesting!

TANNER: You were expecting a hat dance and a piñata show?

TOM (a little frantic, since Tannerís not taking this seriously as he should): Itís justÖ I dunno, we donít hang out with any minorities. We donít have a black friend, we donít have a gay friendÖ I was kind of hoping heíd fit in.

TOM: But he barely talks at all! He hardly knows English! And I donít think heís that bright!

TANNER: Well, Iím sorry heís not a Magical Negro, Tom. Heís here to scrub your toilets, not heal your wounded heart.

TOM: Itís just that heís the first minority Iíve met since I started working at home, and heís soÖ Cliched.

(CUT TO: Diego and his wife eating at home. They are eating something that is very traditionally Mexican, and in fact should look clichéd.)

DIEGO (expressionless as always): (I met another spoiled rich boy who rebelled for awhile and then sold out to the man.)

WIFE (upset): (Stop talking like that! Theyíre not all walking clichés!)

Roni Says:

Once again, I am faced with the dilemma of not being able to talk about the comic for fear of giving something away about a big reveal to the folks that read the sidebar first. So, I'll talk about what Ferrett and I are up to.

I haven't talked to him directly, but from his blog, Ferrett and Gini seems to be having a fabulous time in England, so yay. I highly recommend you go read of his globe-trotting adventures to get your Ferrett fix.

I had an excellent birthday, thank you to all that wished me such, and now I'm racing to get the comics out in advance to cover when I'll be away at GenCon later this week. Not as a guest or any sort of official personage, but as a mere attendee and freelance artist trying to pick up some work. I'll be haunting the dealer's room on Fri. if you spot me, feel free to say "Hi".

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