Maid, To Order, Part 5

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Tanner are still at the coffee shop.

TANNER: Tom, itís okay that you donít like your Hispanic maid. You donít have to love every minority you encounter.

TOM: But he should be smarter! I donít like the idea that Iím a rich white guy hiring some dumb immigrant to work for him.

TANNER: Well, maybe he just doesnít like you. A lot of Spanish speakers play dumb to avoid idiot conversations. Doesnít mean heís stupid.

TOM: But what if he is?

TANNER (sighing): If you really need to know, Tom, I can talk to him.

TOM: You speak Spanish?

TANNER: Tom, Iím half-Mexican. Weíve been friends for twenty years and you didnít know that? You met my Mom!

TOM (astonished): I just thought she was reallyÖ tan.

TANNER (patting Tom on the head condescendingly): And she thought you were endearingly naïve.

Roni Says:

Remember that big reveal I mentioned Monday? Yeah? That's today. I've been so effective at getting the strips done I lost track of which strip I was writing commentary for. I kill me. At least I'm posting them in the right order.

As of Thursday, I'm off to Indianapolis and I think I'm going to have all of the strips done up through Monday. As I've said, feel free to say hello if you see me at GenCon. I can't really say what I'll be wearing, though the hot pink Salem, MA shirt is a frontrunner. In any case, I'm the 6' tall chick with dark purple hair, carrying a portfolio with my name on it. That should narrow it down considerably.

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