Maid, to Order, Part 6

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tanner and Tom are at his house. Diego is somewhere in the background.

TANNER: Are you sure you want me to do this?

TOM: I need to know that my Hispanic maid is as smart as any other man on this planet. It’s that damn language barrier…

TANNER: All right, all right, I’ll go do it.
(And here are a few panels to set the mood:

(First: Tanner retreats to the far corner of the panel to talk to Diego, so far away that we cannot even see a dialogue balloon.
(Second: Tanner and Diego begin talking. Diego brightens some – but not a lot, he’s not terribly expressionful – and discusses things with Tanner.)
(Third: He keeps talking. This conversation goes on for a while – five, maybe ten minutes. Tom watches anxiously.)
(Four: Tanner walks back. The next panel is separate.)
TANNER: Nope. He’s dumb as a post.

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