Maid, to Order, Part 7

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Tanner, back at the coffee shop.

TOM: But you can’t have figured out whether he’s dumb from a ten-minute conversation…

TANNER: Perhaps he has untapped reserves of intelligence. But in the conversation I had with him, he was kinda slow and not really with-it.
TANNER: In his case, there’s probably a good reason he’s a forty-seven year-old cleaning guy.

TOM: But… he’s supposed to be more than that!
TANNER: Tom, if you think that all races are equal, then you have to acknowledge the fact that every race has people who are as stupid as any white guy.

TANNER: The world is filled with dumb Blacks, dumb Hispanics, dumb Asians, and dumb White guys. Dumb people. Dumb spans race and gender.
TOM: So not every Hispanic is a genius?

TANNER (rolling his eyes): Well, you’re certainly proving that not every White guy is intelligent….

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