Maid, to Order, Part 8

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The Script For Today's Comic!


Tom and Tanner, still at the coffee shop.

TOM: Man, that’s a bummer.

TANNER: The fact your Hispanic cleaning guy isn’t your best buddy depresses you?

TOM: It’s just that… I feel like I should know more minorities. But there aren’t a surplus of brothers playing D&D.

TANNER (holding up his hands, sarcastically, envisioning a scene): “White guy’s friend auditions! Brown skins only!”

TOM: That’s not fair.

TANNER: Tom, we like who we like. It doesn’t matter what skin color you are or who you’re attracted to… All that matters is that you got the crap kicked out of you in high school by jocks.

TANNER: Some day we may find a minority gamer, and we’ll welcome him with open arms. But the Search for the Perfect Negro’s more racist than not having friends.

TOM: I guess.

TOM (brightening): …But now I have a Mexican buddy!

TANNER: You do not get to list me on your resume.

Roni Says:

I'm back from GenCon and had a great time, despite some wacky travel hurdles. It was, however, very busy and now I'm scrambling to get this week's comics done. Just as well, Ferrett will be back soon and I'm sure he will have plenty to say.

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