Child Free, Free As The Wind Blows

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To my love Surlyone: no, you're not allowed to breed, either. And besides, you'd insist on twins, so you'd have a 'control' subject! My mother was just afraid of what I'd name one...

Love you - Cinder

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Child Free, Free As The Wind Blows

Tom and Izzy are at – you guessed it – the Reusable Coffee Shop Of Doom.

IZZY: So are you guys thinking about kids yet?

TOM (kind of actually sad): No. Karla won’t let me have kids.

IZZY: Won’t let you? That’s terrible!

TOM: It’s a shame, because I totally want a kid. I mean, there are so many ways to raise them!

IZZY: Like how?

TOM: Well, I was thinking of raising him in a box and seeing if he could develop ultrasound.

TOM: Or maybe I’d just talk in pig latin around him and see what happens the first day he goes off to school.

IZZY (rolling her eyes): Okay, maybe I can see Karla’s point….

TOM (musing thoughtfully): Come to think of it, my mother won’t let me have kids either.

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Meet my husband.

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