Princess Fluttershine, Part 1

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Part 1

Tom is working on his laptop as Karla enters the room, looking a little nervous. (Remember, the previous strip, “Both of the Answers are Right In Your Face,” runs before this, so we don’t have to set up Branch.)

KARLA (biting her lip): Sweetie?

TOM: Yeah?

KARLA: I was hoping you could teach Branch to roleplay.

TOM (almost coming out of his seat, exasperated): What? I don’t even like Branch! Why can’t Seth do it?

KARLA: He’s still recovering from what Izzy did to Prince Mannock. Besides, his campaigns are too elaborate, too beautiful, for Branch. But your campaigns are…

TOM (aggravated, since he knows this comparison isn’t going to be good): …yes?

KARLA (trying to be delicate): “Old school.”

(CUT TO an older Tom trying to teach Karla to roleplay in the old, cracked apartment. He has a wizard hat on and is behind a DM’s screen, and Karla looks supremely bored and irritated that he is putting her through this, even rolling her eyes.)

OLD TOM: You’re in a 10”x10” room. And in that room is… (He rolls dice, looking down to consult a wandering monster table) An ancient Red Dragon with a vorpal sword. Roll a new character.

Ferrett Says

You know, it’s funny; I’m not really planning on making this a roleplaying strip, since I personally think that most strips that delve into the character’s campaigns are boring. (Which isn’t a ding on the strip so much as the fact that most roleplaying stories are really boring unless you were there experiencing it as it happened.) But it’s during roleplaying that many of the characters seem to pop for me. As such, yes, we’ll be exploring Branch’s thought processes through roleplaying.

And I do promise you: this is not going to go where you think it will. I generally try not to take the obvious path to a conclusion, but this one really went off the rails once I started writing it; I was positive Roni would tell me I'd gone too far, but she liked it (even if she had a lot of valid criticisms, which I'm still working through). It’s going to take a while to get there, but... yeah. Anyway.

(NOTE: Nobody cares about scripts that are not yet drawn. I must remember this when discussing the joy of exploration. Moving on.)

I was surprised, however, to find a couple of people saying they’d wondered where Branch had gotten to. And I was even happier to discover the final fate of Lyman, at least as related in the Garfield web games. That poor, poor bastard.

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