Princess Fluttershine, Part 2

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Part 2

Tom is eyeing Branch warily across a table, as if he’s kind of interviewing her, but he is clearly not happy to see her. Karla hovers behind him expectantly, and Branch is on the opposite site of the table, her eyes as wide and watery as ever.

TOM: Do I have to GM for Branch?

KARLA: Oh, you’ll want GM after you hear her character idea! Go on, Branch, tell him!

(For the record, I think this should be done in that sort of way we’ve done it in other strips, where we have Branch’s face, excited as it gets, explaining her concept while the “game” world is drawn much more interestingly in the background.)

BRANCH: her name is princess fluttershine and her dad was the prince of all elves and her mother was a nature angel and they fell in love because they both liked to sing and had a love baby

BRANCH: so shes half-elf half-angel and she can cast rainbow spells that make men fall in love with her and all the puppies adore her and she flies on butterfly wings to bring candy to the world

(There is a full-pause, silent panel where Tom eyes her warily.)

BRANCH: and she rides a magic unicorn.

TOM (getting up out of his chair to exit the room): I’m out of here.


Ferrett Says

Roni won’t say it, so I will; check this artness out. Pretty spiffy, huh? The expression of rapture alone, staring hungrily into the camera, is enough to make me recoil; it’s like all my worst nightmares come to life.

(And compare how far we’ve come as a strip since this one, which also featured Branch; I thought it looked great at a time, but the Roni, she has learned muchness.)

In other news, I’ve pretty much decided that I’d like to start hitting conventions in the Midwest area, but I’m stalled by the fact that I actually have no idea how to get invited to one. Penguicon was nice enough to invite me once, and I was sort of hoping they might introduce me to their convention friends, talk me up to their convention neighbors, maybe even set me up on a blind convention date, but no. I might try my old techniques of hanging around outside the door and hoping that someone notices me, since that worked so well at getting dates in high school. The upshot is, if you’re thinking of inviting a comic strip writer to a convention of yours and you might need someone to make an ass of himself on a panel, well, don’t be shy.

I bet Jerry Holkins never has to do this.

In other to the other news, the question arose the other day of what one should call a group of gamers. A “murder” of gamers was suggested, but that seemed too Crow-like to me. Anyone got any suggestions as to what the proper nomenclature should be? Sound off in our forums.

Roni Says:

It's the start of a new month. That means right now, today, your vote counts extra! It's not a matter of how many votes we get, it's how many more votes we get than other comics, and the first day of the month evens the playing field. Thus, with a sufficient push today, we could break the top 10, if only for a couple of hours. Let's do it!

Also, I'll let those of you that haven't been voting in on a little secret. I got bored with the voting bonus always being a preview of the next strip. Sometimes, it's a panel. Sometimes, it's a conceptual preview. Sometimes I just draw things with my feet. It's pretty much become whatever I feel like posting the night before. What is it thid time? I guess you'll have to go look, won't you.

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