Princess Fluttershine, Part 3

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Part 3

Tom and Karla are in the room, talking, while we see Branch outside looking sad. She cannot hear them, since itís one of those awkward whispering campaigns, but we should be able to see the not-quite-pathetic Branch in the edge of the corner.

TOM: I am NOT playing with Branch!

KARLA (fierce, angry): You are.

TOM: Do I have to repeat myself? There are limits here, and you just hit Ďem. I donít make you hang out with Joey Bags when heís in town, and you donít make me do this with Branch.

KARLA: Tom, Branch needs to learn how to roleplayÖ.

TOM: And even you canít get Seth to teach an asexual neuter like Branch, can you? Iím all you have left. So how much is it worth to you?

KARLA (irritated and chastised, but grudgingly appreciative): Ö three Seawind appearances. And a Xena special.

TOM (shaking hands to seal the deal): Done.

TOM (clapping his hands, eager, delighted): BRANCH! LETíS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!

KARLA (thinking): Bedroom cosplay: The currency of any successful marriage.

Ferrett Says

If you don’t get the reference here in the final panel, you might try reading this strip. Failing that, you might try reading this Wikipedia article. Failing that, well… There ain’t a whole lot I can say for ya.

Aside from that, thanks to catapulting us up to #7 on the Top Webcomics List last week; it didn’t last long, but it was lovely while we were there. Perhaps one day our traffic will be so huge that we will rest at the top automatically! And perhaps one day – one day very, very soon – we will have T-shirts for sale to show your appreciation in a more fungible way. But we (or, should I say, Roni) are working on that. Whee!

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