Princess Fluttershine, Part 4

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The Script For Today's Comic!

Princess Fluttershine, Part 4

Tom is DMing Branch.

CAPTION: After some promises of sexual pleasure reassurance by Karla, Tom GMs for Branch.

TOM: Okay. Youre in a 10x10 room with a door.

BRANCH: what kind of door?

TOM: I dunno. A dungeon door.

BRANCH: according to the guide there are four types of doors in dungeons.

TOM: Fine. Its a wooden door.

BRANCH: how thick is it?

TOM: Door thick. In any case, its unlocked.

BRANCH how thick is door thick?

TOM: Three inches.

BRANCH: so if i wanted to chop through a three-inch door of wood, according to the guide it would take me four rounds per inch so it would take me twelve minutes to get through

TOM: Yes.

(Another full-panel pause. They stare at each other.)

BRANCH: is it oak or hickory?

CAPTION: Three hours after she began her first game, Branch opened the first door of Toms dungeon.

Ferrett Says

Thus far, the suggestions for what do you call a group of gamers? have been:

The last one wins.

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